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Chances are that the budgets that were carefully crafted at the end of last year already need adjusting. With increasing pressure to improve their budgeting and planning processes, savvy finance chiefs recognize that flexibility is key. Here are five articles that focus on a more nimble FP&A process.

Budgeting Inflexibility Cripples the Bottom Line

Companies should vary the budgeting model used for particular business units and functions, research shows. Read more.

Why Continuous Improvement Beats Annual Budgeting

To deliver shareholder value consistently, managers must operate within a system of continuous improvement based on a solid performance metric. Read more.

Budgeting for the Next Big Thing

New products or investment opportunities can blow a hole in well-planned budgets. Here’s how companies adapt. Read more.

Effective Planning May Require Deep Finance Changes

Three out of four CFOs now have process improvement initiatives underway. Read more.

Budgeting for Risk Management Unknowns

Dealing with the unknown is a key part of budgeting and planning for corporate risk management departments, an industry veteran explains. Read more.

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