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    58% of businesses’ long-term debt rose over the past year: report

    Companies are sliding deeper into debt.

    By May 15, 2024
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    Global real-time payments surged 42% in 2023

    The United States had just 3.5 billion transactions last year accounting for only 2% of the total payments volume.

    By May 14, 2024
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    The Power of FP&A: A CFO's Essential Tool for Growth

    If a CFO wants to grow amid the current economic headwinds, paying attention to FP&A and the talent that drives it is a must.

    By CFO staff
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    Kashkari and Goolsbee on Fed’s holding pattern; Upcoming PCAOB Chair interview: Trial Balance

    Fed presidents Kashkari and Goolsbee in a wait-and-see approach on rate cuts.   

    By CFO Editorial Staff • May 13, 2024
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    Trump Media fires BF Borgers after auditor trouble, hires Semple, Marchal & Cooper

    The company replaced their old auditing firm, BF Borgers, on the same day charges were brought up against them by the SEC.

    By May 7, 2024
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    CFO event recap: Networking, AI, and employee satisfaction — Trial Balance

    CFOs at last week's Next Gen finance event discussed best practices, navigating risks and new technologies.

    By CFO Editorial Staff • May 6, 2024
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    Jamie Dimon and NerdWallet’s CEO talk inflation and access to capital: Trial Balance

    This week, Dimon discusses the changes of a soft landing, the Fed meets for its latest interest rate decision, and April’s job report is released.   

    By CFO Editorial Staff • April 29, 2024
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    Return to office trends, PCE data, and Lacework’s CFO: Trial Balance

    This week, we look forward to critical readings on economic growth and inflation. 

    By CFO Editorial Staff • April 22, 2024
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    Private debt funds rise 13.3% YoY in 2023, surpasses VC fundraising

    “2023 was a great test for private debt, and it passed with flying colors.”

    By April 18, 2024
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    34% of CFOs ‘very optimistic’ about US economy: Report

    Despite overall optimism, finance chiefs consider cost optimization a top focus area.

    By April 17, 2024
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    Q1 corporate bankruptcies up 43% over last year

    U.S. bankruptcy filings through March 31 increased year over year across all major filing categories. 

    By April 16, 2024
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    NYSE President Lynn Martin talks IPOs; CFOs tackle cannabis accounting: Trial Balance

    IPOs have raised 3.5 times the amount raised a year before. 

    By CFO Editorial Staff • April 15, 2024
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    Small Business Optimism Hits 11-Year Low: NFIB Report

    Small business optimism dips as inflation concerns remain. 

    By April 10, 2024
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    The Post-IPO Checklist: 7 Insights for CFOs

    The more CFOs know about life after going public, the better.    

    By Moira Conlon • April 9, 2024
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    45% of Execs Say Economic Conditions Better Than 6 Months Ago: Report

    Forty-five percent of executives said global economic conditions were better than they had been six months earlier.

    By April 9, 2024
  • Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, testifies during a Senate Banking Committee hearing at the Hart Senate Office Building on December 06, 2023 in Washington, DC.
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    Jamie Dimon’s Annual Shareholder Letter, CFO Compensation Data, and More: Trial Balance

    JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said artificial intelligence is one of the most potentially transformative inventions of the past several hundred years. 

    By CFO Editorial Staff • April 8, 2024
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    Autodesk to Audit Financial Practices, Delay Annual Report

    The construction technology giant said it doesn’t believe the investigated areas will affect any previously issued financial statements or its most recent earnings release.

    By Matthew Thibault • April 8, 2024
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    South Carolina’s $1.8B ‘Mystery Fund’ Likely a Result of Communication Breakdown

    After coming across $1.8 billion of unaccounted-for cash, South Carolina’s state comptroller is questioning the treasurer’s practices, while the treasurer is blaming poor communication on behalf of the comptroller. 

    By April 2, 2024
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    March Jobs Report, Moloco’s CFO, and Management Accounting: Trial Balance

    Updates on the U.S. labor market highlight the first week of the new quarter.

    By CFO Editorial Staff • April 1, 2024
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    CFO Optimism Rises in Q1: Duke/Fed Report

    Fifty-three percent of finance chiefs said they’ve either slowed hiring, not filled openings, or laid off employees due to automation, according to the latest Duke-Fed CFO survey.   

    By March 27, 2024
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    M&A Pros Confident Deals Will Surge

    But while there should be significantly more transactions this year, the size of deals likely will lag somewhat behind that surge.

    By March 27, 2024
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    AI Accounting Startup Raises $100M, PCE Reading, and Housing Data: Trial Balance

    This week we look ahead to the Friday release of the personal consumption expenditures index — the Fed's preferred measure of inflation. 

    By CFO Editorial Staff • March 25, 2024
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    Sponsored by GoCardless

    Do you know how much it costs your business to receive every dollar?

    It’s time to talk about the real cost of getting paid–and why businesses across the United States are needlessly losing out every time they receive money.

    By Lewis Turek, General Manager, North America, GoCardless • March 25, 2024
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    San Francisco 49ers, MLB Star Shohei Ohtani Wrestle With Poor Financial Controls

    A failure to maintain and implement proper accounting controls impacted some of the world’s most successful athletes and professional sports organizations this week.

    By March 23, 2024
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) CEO Adam Selipsky and Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announce an expanded generative AI collaboration
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    Nvidia CEO on AI, Three Big Tech IPOs, FOMC Meeting: Trial Balance

    A new installment of the Peer Audit series asks CFOs about effective digital communications.

    By CFO Editorial Staff • March 18, 2024
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    Women Founders Raised 23% of All US VC Money in 2023

    All-female-founded companies did less well, raising $3.2 billion from VCs last year, a single-digit percentage of total U.S. activity.

    By March 13, 2024