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    4 ways to save the CPA

    It’s time to turn the change-resistant reputation of CPAs on its head is now before the talent pool evaporates entirely.

    By Tim Brackney • June 13, 2024
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    Chemours names Shane Hostetter as new CFO following executives’ code of ethics violations

    Hostetter takes over as finance chief as the company looks to move on from code of ethics violations by its CEO, CFO and principal accounting officer stemming from Q4 of last year.

    By June 7, 2024
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    CFO turnover continued to rise in Q1, up 14% YoY

    2023 was the fourth straight year of increased CFO appointments.

    By May 22, 2024
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    72% of CFOs say healthcare costs the most unpredictable expense: Report

    Both self-funded and fully-funded plans have predictability and cost issues, according to a Mercer report.

    By May 8, 2024
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    28% of companies involved in M&A lack key people retention plans

    Forty-four percent of acquiring companies selected at least half of C-suite executives to sign retention agreements. 

    By April 29, 2024
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    88% of CFOs say FTC noncompete ruling will have no impact on their career trajectory: Poll

    Poll findings indicate that CFOs do not see the new FTC noncompete ruling as a threat to retaining top finance talent.   

    By April 26, 2024
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    35% of employees would take less pay for non-toxic workplace: Report

    Nearly half of employees said favoritism is inhibiting their ability for a fair shot at career growth, according to an INTOO survey. 

    By April 24, 2024
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    68% of Gen Z workers would take an unwanted job for good pay: Report

    Only 10% of Gen Z workers said they want more money so they can “splurge on things,” according to new data.

    By April 15, 2024
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    NYCB hires new CFO, general counsel

    The beleaguered Long Island-based lender brought aboard four executives Friday whose careers had crossed paths with that of newly minted CEO Joseph Otting.

    By Dan Ennis • April 15, 2024
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    73% of CFOs to Earn Salary Between $201k-400k in 2024: Report

    A new survey from Rho on CFO compensation figures reveals compensation, equity, and severance trends for finance chiefs.

    By April 10, 2024
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    Old National Puts CFO Brendon Falconer on Leave Following Child Molestation Charges

    The Evansville, Indiana-based bank named its chief strategy officer as interim CFO on Monday after Brendon Falconer was arrested last week.

    By Dan Ennis • April 3, 2024
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    71% of Big 4 Auditors Worry About Mental Health

    But those at the Big Four are hardly alone; many auditors, wherever they work, feel similarly.

    By April 3, 2024
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    43% of Companies Monitor Worker’s Online Activity

    Many employees have issues with their employers’ internet surveillance practices.

    By April 2, 2024
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    71% of CFOs Plan to Raise Average Pay More Than 4%: Report

    Fifty-eight percent of surveyed CFOs are planning pay increases of 4% to 9%, a drop from the 70% who had planned to do the same in 2023, according to Gartner data.

    By March 25, 2024
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    Preparedness, Parents, and 150 Hours: CFOs’ Hiring Challenges in 2024

    Fifty-eight percent of employers said recent college graduates are unprepared for the workforce, according to an Intelligent report. 

    By March 4, 2024
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    Women Continue Their Gains at the CFO Position: Study

    The number of women CFOs at Fortune 500 and S&P 500 companies climbed to nearly 19% in 2023, according to Crist|Kolder.

    By Feb. 28, 2024
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    Global Pension Pot Swelled by 11% Last Year: Report

    “This global growth is not yet rapid, but it is far better than the experience a year before.”

    By Feb. 28, 2024
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    CFOs and the Future of Finance Work

    This series aims to help CFOs understand the ways in which employees — especially younger generations — develop context to form work habits, opinions on work-life balance, and productivity.

    By CFO Editorial Staff • Updated May 24, 2024
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    Labor Trends Exasperate Finance Pros

    Barely more than a third (37%) of accountants said they were satisfied with their pay, according to a new ACCA survey.

    By Feb. 14, 2024
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    Pension Plans Finally Regain Fully Funded Status in 2023

    “Companies consider a plan’s funded status to be like debt ­–– if you’re underfunded, the organization is more highly leveraged.”

    By Jan. 3, 2024
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    6 Tips to Successfully Transition to a Small Business CFO Role

    Follow this advice to successfully transition into a new small business CFO role.

    By Jan. 2, 2024
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    10 CFO Leadership Lessons From 2023

    CFO leadership was on full display in 2023 in a variety of ways.

    By Dec. 29, 2023
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    Companies Seek to Save on Bonus Payouts

    The trends in year-end bonuses haven’t quite caught up with recent positive economic signs.

    By Dec. 20, 2023
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    64% of Employees Waste Hours Due to Lack of Deadlines: Report

    Nearly a fifth of employees work without deadlines and lose up to two hours a week because of it, according to new data from Slingshot.

    By Dec. 18, 2023
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    Hiring Intentions Remain Stable Going Into 2024, Robert Half Says

    Fifty-seven percent of managers plan to add new permanent roles in the first half of 2024.

    By Kathryn Moody • Dec. 14, 2023