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    May Mobility CFO: Leveraging Capital-Efficient Tech Development

    “Companies in this space are losing billions of dollars per year trying to win this market,” said Brunelle. “We have a much smaller footprint.”

    By Feb. 20, 2024
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    67% of Companies Continue to Adopt AI Slowly: Report

    AI’s best uses are still largely outside finance, with writing tasks and scheduling most frequently mentioned. However, automated data entry may be facilitating finance and accounting teams.

    By Feb. 14, 2024
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    The CFO Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence’s impact on the office of the CFO continues to evolve, and finance chiefs must be aware of the opportunities it will create for growth. 

    By CFO staff
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    Finance Employee Defrauded for $25M by Deepfake CFO

    The technology was used both to manipulate people's faces as well as voices, according to the Cyber Security and Technology and Crime Bureau in Hong Kong.

    By Feb. 5, 2024
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    42% of Mid-Market CFOs Expect Workloads to Increase in 2024

    “They don't have the capability simply to address issues by adding another body to the mix. And their tech stacks are not optimal,” said Nick Araco Jr., CEO of The CFO Alliance. 

    By Jan. 31, 2024
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    GenAI Use Largely Governed By the C-Suite

    The biggest problem with GenAI right now is understanding “the art of the possible,” said David Wagner, director of research at Avasant.

    By Jan. 16, 2024
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    10 CFO Tech Stories to Save In Your Note-taking App

    Artificial intelligence, automation, cybersecurity, data reliability, compliance — 2023 provided challenges aplenty for CFOs.

    By Dec. 26, 2023
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    Want to Leverage the Power of AI? It Starts With a Solid Data Foundation

    Harnessing the power of AI is reliant upon quality data at the ready.

    By Katie Rooney • Dec. 19, 2023
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    Kroger, Marriott CFOs Deal with Digital Transformations

    Digitally savvy competitors from the outside and pandemic disruption forced the companies to rethink and transform customer relationships. 

    By Dec. 7, 2023
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    Most Finance Teams Still Don’t Use AI

    CFOs have a key role to play in instilling a culture that accepts and takes advantage of AI capabilities.

    By Dec. 6, 2023
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    20% of Global CFOs Say Their Organizations Are Data-Driven

    “Digitalization is stagnating in finance as a whole,” said Horváth’s Achim Wenning.

    By Nov. 29, 2023
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    CFOs Must Boost Their Cybersecurity Savvy, Former FBI Agent Says

    CFOs must be able to ask probing questions of their chief information security officers and external cybersecurity professionals, says former FBI agent Pete Cordero.

    By Nov. 21, 2023
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    Demand for GenAI Skills Explodes in 2023

    Job postings seeking skills in generative AI skyrocketed by 1,848% this year.

    By Nov. 20, 2023
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    Finance May Go Slower On Generative AI Adoption

    Executives from PayPal and KPMG discuss why finance should be cautious when adopting generative AI tools.

    By Nov. 17, 2023
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    6 Strategies for CFOs to Reduce Software Spend

    CFOs must proactively identify and optimize SaaS overspending areas.  

    By Nidhi Jain • Nov. 14, 2023
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    CFO Editorial Staff
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    61% of Finance Execs Not Using AI Yet: Weekly Stat

    “Despite AI’s potential, most finance functions’ AI implementations have remained limited,” Gartner’s Marco Steecker said.

    By Nov. 8, 2023
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    78% of C-Suite Says Their Organization Uses AI Today: Weekly Stat

    Three out of 4 employees would be more accepting of or excited about AI if their company were more transparent about its plans to use the technology.

    By Oct. 25, 2023
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    M&A Pros to Governments: Regulate AI

    “AI is already reshaping various phases of the deal-making process.”

    By Oct. 23, 2023
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    5 CFO Takeaways From NetSuite’s SuiteWorld 2023

    The Las Vegas annual conference demonstrated how the technology world is approaching business and cultural challenges. 

    By Oct. 20, 2023
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    70% of Companies Use AI, Other Tech to Optimize Business Travel: Weekly Stat

    AI might help simplify the expense reporting process, according to a new survey. 

    By Oct. 18, 2023
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    5 Reasons CFOs Should Adopt Real-Time Payments

    Why add another payment rail to the already numerous ways accounts payable and treasury can send money?

    By Oct. 13, 2023
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    Cybersecurity Budget Increases Fall to 6% in Current Cycle: Weekly Stat

    The good news for CISOs battling growing system intrusion attempts is the average cybersecurity budget as a share of total IT budget rose to more than 11%.

    By Sept. 27, 2023
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    Payments Automation is Saving Finance Teams 500 Hours Per Year

    New data from American Express shows the investments businesses are making in payments, purchase orders, and invoices. 

    By Sept. 25, 2023
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    49% of Top Execs Say AI Could Take Their Jobs: Weekly Stat

    C-suite leaders are concerned that if they don’t improve their AI skills, they will be unprepared for the future of work.

    By Sept. 20, 2023
  • FinovateFall
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    5 Takeaways for CFOs From FinovateFall 2023

    Cybersecurity, AI, customer experience, and the future of labor were all topics of conversation during this year’s big fall fintech event in NYC.

    By Sept. 15, 2023
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    Only 15% of Organizations Actively Incorporate Generative AI: Weekly Stat

    While GenAI incorporation into strategy is low, the interest from finance chiefs is still apparent with 42% saying they are experimenting with the technology. 

    By Sept. 13, 2023