Financial fallout from the Brexit vote dominated the dialogue in the first half of 2016, and a boorish presidential election captured everyone’s attention in the second half. With all that excitement, some developments in the world of finance flew under the radar. Take our quiz for a look back at some of the things we covered in CFO in the last 11 months.

1. In our March cover story, we noted that activist funds have outperformed other types of hedge funds in recent years. How much in assets under management did activist funds have at that time?
A.$78 billion
B. $122 billion
C. $150 billion
D. $220 billion

2. Exchanging cyber-attack information with government agencies and industry peers is critical to thwarting future incidents, say experts. In a survey we covered in March, what did executives say most prevents their company from sharing cyber-attack information post-breach?
A. Lack of incentives
B. Lack of trust in intelligence
C. Anti-competitive concerns
D. Potential liabilities

3. In September we reported that federal securities class-action suits were on the rise, with 119 new cases filed in the first half of this year. On average, how many cases were filed in the first half of each year from 1997 to 2015?
A. 58
B. 89
C. 94
D. 105

4. According to our November story on the sluggish IPO market, which tech IPO—at $1.1 billion—was the largest offering (by proceeds raised) year to date?
B. Nutanix
C. Blackline
D. Quantenna

5. In November we presented the results of a survey on cybersecurity insurance. What percentage of responding companies said they bought stand-alone cybersecurity policies this year?
A. 35%
B. 55%
C. 67%
D. 80%

6. Terminated M&A deals piled up in 2016, as we reported in July. With only $91 billion in transactions and 957 completed deals, which month suffered a 56% year-over-year decrease in M&A value?
A. January
B. February
C. March
D. April

Source: CFO

Answers: 1–C; 2–D; 3–C; 4–A; 5–D; 6–C

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