CFO’s Most-Read Stories of 2015

Top issues, insights, and engaged topics of 2015.
Kerry MarunaDecember 21, 2015

In 2015, corporate finance endured a drop in oil prices and a tightening labor market and waited with anticipation as the Federal Reserve mulled increasing interest rates for the first time in years.

Amid the turbulence, CFO journalists dug into financial management and business planning, published articles on management processes, changes, and trends, and probed the hot issues of fraud, insider trading, and cybersecurity.

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Drive Business Strategy and Growth

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Here are some of the best of CFO’s articles that appeared in 2015, by category.



Accounting Issues Mask a Seller’s True Value

Five accounting issues to be aware of when analyzing the financial reporting of a target company.

Accounting and Tax

Why Is Financial Planning and Analysis Falling Flat?

Just 40% of finance executives rated their financial planning and analysis capabilities as effective. It’s time for a change.


Death By Digital: Good-Bye to Finance as You Know It

It will be the best thing that ever happened to your finance organization.


How Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Audit Quality

Using artificial intelligence, auditors may soon be able to provide clients with new ways to uncover risk hiding in plain sight in financial statements.


Zero-Based Budgeting: No Longer Just a Crisis Tool

Economic volatility and prevalent M&A help seal ZBB’s evolution into an ongoing process.

Business Planning15Jul_Cover_Fin

5 Ways CFOs Can Enable High Performance

Companies perform better when their finance chiefs have strategic roles.

3 Things CFOs Should Know about Project Management

Don’t fall into the trap of aiming for positive outcomes with no sense of structure or consistency around how to achieve them.

Cash Flow

CFOs Reveal Their Top Issues for 2016

What will CFOs be spending their time on next year? Preserving margins and sustaining or improving earnings performance top the list, says Protiviti.

Corporate Real Estate

How to Mitigate the Impact of New Lease Accounting Rules

It’s not too early to start looking into responses to the rule changes, which take effect in 2018.


Anatomy of a Turnaround: YRC Worldwide

After seven years of financial turmoil, the big trucking company finally exits survival mode.

Financial Planning and Analysis15Nov_Cover_fin

CFOs Frustrated with Return on FP&A Investments

Some wonder if they should continue the investments, but what they really should do is to refocus their financial planning and analysis teams.


FASB Rids Income Statements of ‘Extraordinary Items’

FASB issues an accounting standards update that eliminates the “Extraordinary Items” classification.

Health Benefits

Square Off: Are Wellness Programs Cost Effective?

You know there’s a hot debate around an issue when people on both sides of the matter insist that there’s really no debate at all.

Human Capital and Careers

10 Tips on How to Become a CFO

From writing your curriculum vitae to negotiating the employment contract, here’s how to get to be CFO.


10 Most Popular Excel Tips and Tricks

We review a list of 10 of the most popular excel tips and tricks by “Mr. Excel.”


What Will the CFO Role Look Like in 2020?

As much as technology influences the CFO role today, it may define the job in five years.

Finance and Accounting Skills Gap Vexes CFOs

The wish list of traits desired in entry-level finance and management accounting staff continues to expand.