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10 Tips on How to Become a CFO

From writing your curriculum vitae to negotiating the employment contract, here's how to get to be CFO.
10RuleJune 2, 2015
10 Tips on How to Become a CFO

Top 10 Articles on How to Become a CFO

10 Tips to Become a CFO

1. The Six Cardinal Rules for Better Resume Writing

This article explores the six challenges resumes must address — and how you can use your resume to sell your achievements, not your responsibilities.

2. Nine Things to Ask Your Future Boss, the CEO

How to find that great next CFO job? Interview your future boss, the CEO, as if he or she were the job applicant, not you, in order to find the best fit.

3. How to Use Headhunters and Find Finance Jobs

In this article, three recruiters who specialize in financial officers offer practical tips for working with them and advice on positioning yourself to potential employers.

4. Rare Career Path: CPA, JD, CFO

How an accountant’s detour through law school led him to find his dream job in finance.

5. The Road to CFO

A solid grounding in finance and accounting is requisite for future finance chiefs. But these days, those hoping to become CFOs must also have developed soft skills and a global perspective.

6. Do You Have Any Questions for Us? 

Finance chiefs suggest different approaches to one of the toughest parts of the job interview.

7. Employment Contracts: How to Cut the Best Deal

You’ve negotiated debt covenants, mergers, and supply contracts — but do you know what should be included and struck from your employment contract?

8. Avoiding Decision Traps

Don’t get tripped up by cognitive biases or mental shortcuts. Learn about how these traps can lead managers to make costly errors in judgement.

9. How to Get on a Public Company Board

While serving on a board is often thought of as a late-career event, you shouldn’t wait to start the process. Here are four ways to improves your chances of earning a spot.

10. Why CFOs Should ‘Own’ Analytics

Frank Friedman, CEO and former CFO of Deloitte LLP, explains why finance chiefs should embrace analytics to better address the business’s needs.