10 Most Popular Excel Tips and Tricks

We review a list of 10 of the most popular excel tips and tricks by "Mr. Excel."
Alexander JohnsonMay 19, 2015
10 Most Popular Excel Tips and Tricks

We review a list of 10 of the most popular excel tips and tricks by “Mr. Excel,” Bill Jelen.

Excel Tips and Tricks

  1. Moving Data from PDF to Excel

    Converting a PDF “data dump” into Excel or Access is made easier with a third-party tool.

    Drive Business Strategy and Growth

    Drive Business Strategy and Growth

    Learn how NetSuite Financial Management allows you to quickly and easily model what-if scenarios and generate reports.

  2. Forecasting Seasonal Data with Excel

    Production forecasting with Excel usually entails using straight-line regression. But you’ll need to tweak your formulas if you want to incorporate seasonal sales data into the mix. Here’s an easy way to run the numbers.

  3. Problems with Pivot Table Labels

    How do you get pivot table row labels to appear in multiple columns instead of one column?

  4. Filtering a Pivot Table with a Formula

    There is really no “good” way to change the filter with a formula. However, there is a quick fix to remedy the situation.

  5. Referring to Other Worksheets or Workbooks in an Excel Macro

    Move to a powerful stage in your Excel macro-building progression. Read here how to access information in another workbook with a macro that is part of a different workbook.

  6. The Vertical-Horizontal Flip

    Two quick ways to link data in a workbook when one sheet is laid out vertically and the other is horizontal.

  7. Spreadsheets: Eliminate the Pivot Table Blank Row Snag

    Blank rows in Excel pivot tables cause the program to default to the counting, rather than sum, function. Here are three quick ways to avoid manually changing functions every time a pivot tables runs into a blank.

  8. Why Pivot Tables Won’t Sum

    Is there any way in Excel 2007 to have a pivot table always default to sum the amounts rather than count them?

  9. Even Microsoft Needs Help Avoiding Spreadsheet Errors

    The cells didn’t add up in a Microsoft Excel ad posted in the New York subway system. Here’s why.

  10. How to Search for Cell Comments Using Excel

    Here’s a handy Excel macro that quickly searches and finds the comments you’ve posted in cells.