Corporte Tax


Corporte Tax

There are a lot of ongoing issues regarding tax policy that today’s finance chiefs are juggling. Here are five articles to keep on top of trends.

Planning for Tax Policy Turmoil

Strategies for navigating a potential sea change in the U.S. corporate tax system as the policies of the Trump administration take shape. Read more.

Radical Changes Needed For Border-Adjusted Tax Plan

Corporate tax reform is a top priority of Congress and the Trump administration, with varying proposals calling for replacement of the current corporate income tax with a tax that would be “border adjusted,” sometimes referred to as a “destination-based” tax. Read more.

Federal Tax Reform Could Have Big Effect on States

While most of the attention has been focused on the federal tax impacts of reform, it is well worth noting that, if enacted, any federal reform will have significant effects on states and their income tax structures. Read more.

Cap on Tax Breaks Could Shake Up Companies

The days of a total tax exclusion for employer-sponsored insurance may be numbered. Read more.

Repatriating Cash in a Territorial Tax System

For now, companies are in a quandary as they wait for clarity about how they are going to prepare for a territorial tax system. Read more.


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