Your audit should have the flexibility to adapt with you. Deloitte Omnia, our global audit platform, is cloud-based, digital, and dynamic – and brings bright minds, a flexible methodology, and world-class audit technology together to deliver a more focused and transparent audit experience.

Leveraging a sophisticated risk based approach, we deliver a high-quality digital audit that reduces the burden on your team and evolves in real-time with your business so you can spend more time on what matters.

Discover the benefits

Achieving a higher quality, more insightful audit shouldn’t take more effort from you. Through focus, flexibility, and advanced audit technology, Deloitte Omnia delivers a differentiated experience with:

  • Smart automation: Our audit technology enables a more seamless exchange of information and efficient and innovative workflow management, and allows us to pinpoint risks in large data populations
  • Unparalleled transparency: Our secure, global online portal lets you access alerts, requests, and up-to-the moment progress reports through intuitively designed dashboards
  • Putting your data to work: We securely and seamlessly integrate your data with our analytics engine to focus on risks, identify outliers, and generate insights. That means you spend less time wrangling data and more time putting it to work

How we make the most of your data

Deloitte Omnia produces insights that are tailored for your business and the industry it operates in. We identify what matters through our advanced analysis which looks for hidden patterns, trends, and risks in your large data sets and journal entry populations. Additionally, we can curate publicly available financial information, such as disclosures and SEC comment letters, to perform more comprehensive risk assessments, and deliver industry benchmarking, perspective and visualizations.  Deloitte Omnia can help unlock the true potential of your data and zero in on the insights that can truly make a difference. This focused approach enhances audit quality and improves your overall experience.

A Smarter Audit

Driving value through a high-quality audit is not only what we do, it’s in our DNA. Our diverse and highly skilled teams are constantly analyzing changes in your risk profile to focus on the unique risks facing your business. We digitize the process through our audit technology, which allows us to quickly process, highlight, and make sense of your key information. We’re also able to focus on higher risks with advanced document interrogation and analysis capabilities, while we perform digital inspections that transmit results in near real-time. Also, Deloitte Omnia taps into a vast network of specialists and equips them with the information they need to deliver high-quality audits tailored to your individual business.

We focus on what matters in the audit, so you can focus on what matters to you.

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