Over the past 30 years, CFO has featured an impressive array of finance chiefs on its covers, not to mention a number of top regulators. Test your knowledge of CFO’s covers by taking the following quiz:

1. These finance chiefs appeared on our cover in 2014. Match the CFO with his/her company:

1. Mark Powers A. Gannett
2. Victoria Harker B. Dell
3. Thomas Sweet C. EPR Properties
4. Andrew Warren D. Discovery Communications
5. Mark Peterson E. JetBlue Airways

2. Match the FASB chairman with the cover of CFO he appeared on:

1. Edmund Jenkins A. July 1986
2. Donald Kirk B. December 1994
3. Robert Herz C. December 1999
4. Dennis Beresford D. February 2003

3. America’s highest-paid CFOs appeared on our July/August 2013 cover. Match them with the annual pay they earned:

1. Safra Catz, Oracle A. $68.6 million
2. Peter Oppenheimer, Apple B. $51.7 million
3. Patrick Pichette, Google C. $38.7 million

4. Three CFOs of General Motors and one CFO of Ford Motor have appeared on our cover. Match the finance chief with his automaker:

1. John Devine A. Ford Motor
2. Daniel Ammann B. General Motors
3. Michael Losh
4. Lewis Booth

5. Jonathan Mariner appeared on our April 2004 cover. Which professional sports league was he CFO of?
1. National Football League
2. National Hockey League
3. Major League Baseball
4. Major League Soccer

6. CFO Robert Blakely appeared on our July 2004 cover. Which scandal-ridden company did he clean up?
1. Enron
2. WorldCom
3. Adelphia
4. HealthSouth

Answers: (1) 1–E, 2–A, 3–B, 4–D, 5–C ; (2) 1–C, 2–A, 3–D, 4–B; (3) 1–B, 2–A, 3–C; (4) 1–GM (June 2001; Devine was previously CFO at Ford), 2–GM (January/February 2013), 3–GM (August 1996), 4–Ford (February 2010); (5) 3; (6) 2

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