Courtesy of Flikr user hozn. CC BY-SA

Courtesy of Flickr user hozn. CC BY-SA

Have you ever heard of the “Knock Out Rose”? Unless you’re a gardening enthusiast, probably not. But if you live in the United States, you have almost certainly seen one. Star Roses and Plants, a horticultural innovator, developed the Knock Out Rose in 2000 for the rest of us (you know, the ones who don’t have a green thumb). It’s the most widely sold rose in North America, and it’s so resistant to cold and disease that it’s nearly indestructible.

Innovation is a perennial trend at Star Roses and Plants. That means CFO David Watkins is always translating between the finance department and the research and development team. It’s not easy. In the accompanying video, Watkins talks about how he collaborates with R&D staffers and how finance and R&D approach the business from different perspectives.


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