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CFOs Face Workforce Trends in 2023

CFO's ongoing reporting series on the current workforce trends in 2023.

The relationships between leadership and staff continue to evolve. However, the way they are labeled and developed by employees is changing. But is something a new trend or just a new term for an old trend? This ongoing reported series aims to help leaders understand the ways in which employees — especially younger generations — develop context to form work habits, opinions on work-life balance, and productivity. 


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As younger generations continue to label workplace trends, CFOs should be aware of the terminology some of their employees may be using.

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As employers have historically offered alcohol at work events, what’s stopping them from offering other newly legal substances, too?

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78% of CFOs Say Quiet Quitting is a Problem

Strategies around talent recruitment and retainment are a principal focus for CFOs, according to a new study by CFO.