With the United States Open golf championship in mid-June and the warm summer weather driving recreational golfers out to play, it’s a peak season for the U.S. golf industry. Consumer spending on greens fees, golf equipment and apparel, golf tourism, and more combine with the industry’s diverse supply needs to create a vibrant economic engine. See how much you know about the business side of this popular sport.

1. What was golf’s estimated impact on the U.S. economy, in dollars, in 2016 (the year studied in the most recent U.S. Golf Industry Report)?
A. $25 billion
B. $84 billion
C. $52 billion
D. $114 billion

2. How big was the U.S. market for golf clubs and balls in 2018?
A. $1.9 billion
B. $4.3 billion
C. $2.7 billion
D. $6.5 billion

3. In which state did the legislature propose in April 2019 to dramatically increase taxes on golf courses?
A. California
B. Florida
C. New York
D. Texas

4. As of May 30, 2019, what was the market cap of Acushnet Holdings, the largest pure-play U.S. golf company?
A. $1.8 billion
B. $3.8 billion
C. $4.5 billion
D. $2.4 billion

5. What was the approximate ratio of U.S. golf course openings to closures in 2018?
A. 1:1
B. 2:9
C. 1:16
D. 3:1

6. How many jobs did the U.S. golf industry support in 2016?
A. 1.3 million
B. 900,000
C. 650,000
D. 1.9 million

7. How much money did PGA Tour events generate for charitable causes in 2018?
A. $85 million
B. $190 million
C. $245 million
D. $330 million

8. How many Americans played golf in 2018?
A. 33.5 million
B. 18.8 million
C. 12.5 million
D. 27.4 million

Sources: National Golf Foundation, U.S. Golf Industry Report (by a coalition of golf’s governing bodies and partners), PGA Tour, Golf magazine, SEC.gov

Answers: 1-B; 2-C; 3-C; 4-A; 5-C; 6-D; 7-B; 8-A

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