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Berkowitz to Head Enron Task Force

Takes the reins from Andrew Weissmann as the prosecution prepares for next year's Lay, Skilling, Causey trial.
Stephen TaubJuly 19, 2005

The Enron Task Force has named Sean Berkowitz as its third director since its formation in January 2002.

Berkowitz, who signed on with Department of Justice team in December 2003, replaces Andrew Weissmann, who joined the task force at its inception as assistant director to Leslie Caldwell. Weissmann took over as director in March 2004.

Prior to joining the Enron team, Berkowitz spent five years in the criminal division of the Chicago U.S. Attorney’s Office, where he prosecuted officers at Anicom for securities fraud and worked on a capital murder case involving the death of a federal witness, among other cases, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The Enron Task Force has filed 34 criminal cases against former employees of Enron Corp. and their associates, the Chronicle pointed out. Berkowitz will be part of the team that will prosecute former chairman Kenneth Lay, former chief executive officer Jeffrey Skilling, and former chief accounting officer Richard Causey, the paper added.

Meanwhile, the jury in the Enron Broadband Services case returned Tuesday for their third day of deliberations. Five former executives are accused of conspiring to defraud the public about the value of Enron Broadband’s technology or the parent company’s earnings, the paper noted.