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Best of 2007: Careers

As always, finance executives were seeking guidance about how to move up in 2007 — at their current companies, or elsewhere. For tips on how to cli... StaffDecember 19, 2007

Managing a finance career, from the entry-level years working for the CFO to success as a finance chief at the company of one’s choice, is much easier to do when you can follow sage advice. And sometimes the best lessons are learned from studying examples of what can go wrong.

At, examinations of both successful and unsuccessful strategies in resume writing and in interviewing — providing tips and pointing out traps — seemed to rivet the attention of readers during the year. But there was also room for ruminating over such problems as why controllers often seem to stumble in filling the CFO’s shoes; understanding the chasm between old pros and the younger generation of finance employee; and coping with an acquisition that marks your job for elimination.

There were stories about dealing with the real world of diversity, not just among female and male and the mix of races, but about the mixing of young and old as well.

As always, stories about pay found a powerful audience. After all, who makes enough money?

Read on to see our editors’ choices for the best career articles of the year on The top-read stories here are broken into three segments: hot topics, job-hunting tactics, and compensation.

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Hot Topics in the Workplace

CFOs Wanted: Controllers Need Not Apply

Why companies often won’t consider controllers when choosing their next finance chiefs.

Gap Analysis

Why diversity programs work better for women than for minorities.

The Chosen Few

Even if women rate more promotions than minories, it’s still only a small number that makes it to the top.

Today’s Accounting Crop: Spoiled Rotten?

Finance chiefs try to cope with a new cadre of finance and accounting employees who just can’t sit still.

Today’s Accounting Crop: The Kids Are Alright

Following up, we show how a creative meeting of the minds is being formulated to bridge the finance generation gap.

Prediction: A Year-end Hiring Spree

A survey proclaims CFOs are ready to add staff in the fourth quarter. We show what jobs they need to fill, and how much they’ll pay.

Are You a Target?

With M&A in full swing, more CFOs are having to manage the transition after finding their old companies bought out.

Job-hunting Tactics

Third Rails for Résumé Writing

Six traps that recruiters warn will make them toss a finance executive’s résumé.

Getting a Résumé Right

Six tips from executive recruiters about how finance executives can catch their eye, and then win them over.

You’re Out of a Job; Now What?

Yes, “networking” is an overused buzzword. But when you’re between jobs, it’s your best bet for snagging a new one.

If You Go Away

A look at exit strategies, and how companies should announce key departures.


Making Less Money, and Loving It

Being a non-profit CFO delivers on both counts. The good news, if you’re tough enough for the job, is that the market is expanding rapidly.

Just Rewards

How companies, pressured by the tight labor market, redesign nonexecutive pay to attract, and keep, top performers.

CEOs Don’t Earn Their Pay, Execs Agree

Corporate board members say so in a landslide. Lucky for CFOs, they are next in the succession line.