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Finding Ways to Reassure Employees

A CFO leads a meditation session, and other examples of companies helping employees cope with last week's disaster. StaffSeptember 19, 2001

A measure of a good manager is knowing how to respond to the needs of employees. But how do you respond to their fears if the worst terrorist attack in American history just happened in your backyard? asks the New York Times.

A report in today’s edition of the newspaper cites examples of how several companies have helped — and not helped — employees cope with last week’s horrific events. One CFO led employees in a meditation session. She also sent distraught workers to the homes of other employees because the company, a public-relations firm, felt “they shouldn’t be alone.”

Some companies did not make the grade, the Times notes. One Denver company sent an E-mail saying, “If any personnel would like to take a sick day today, they can. However, the sick day will be deducted from your emergency day allowance.”

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