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#CFOMustRead: Investor Relations Lessons

Our top read of the week from across the web looks at how the investor relations department can really add value.
Vincent RyanFebruary 4, 2015

Straight from CFOs’ mouths. That’s what we like about this week’s #CFOMustRead story from the web. The story is a paper from Deloitte, “CFO Insights: Effective IR: Lessons from the trenches.”

The paper is essentially paragraph-long sound bites from 11 CFOs and investor relations executives, so it’s a quick read. But the quotes, from the likes of Rob Binns, CFO of HP Software, and the SVP of IR at Humana, contain valuable nuggets.

Consider what Chris Jakubik, vice president of IR at Kraft Foods, says about addressing the “value gap”:

A Better Way to Do Ecommerce

A Better Way to Do Ecommerce

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“As a former analyst, I know that dialogue is key, but it’s the type of dialogue you have that makes the difference. For example, management arguing valuation with analysts is like analysts telling management how they should change the way they run their business; it generally falls on deaf ears. Instead, a dialogue that focuses on identifying the gaps in perspectives on fundamentals and opportunity sets — the things that drive valuations — and discussing them directly, in a fact-based, well-supported manner, is very effective.”

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On, our #CFOMustRead comes from the tax arena.

In Tax Reform Consensus: Lower Rates, Closed ‘Loopholes,’ longtime CFO editor David Katz writes about the “grand bargain” of tax reform. It would be anything but a bargain for companies that rely heavily on tax deductions and credits, he finds.

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