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Cloud customers: Vendors need to step up their game

Many cloud computing products today are lacking in security, compliance and interoperability, says the chairman of coalition of cloud computing cus...
Keith ButtonJuly 1, 2013

Mario Mueller, chairman of the Open Data Center Alliance, told IDG News Service that one of the goals of the alliance is to educate cloud vendors about features and capabilities that customers want. The alliance, which held its Forecast conference in San Francisco this week, has designed cloud technology requirements and usage models for its members to use in writing requests for proposals for vendors.

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Members of the alliance also share results of their individual tests of cloud capabilities or interoperability, which can be used to call out vendors that make false claims, Mueller told IDG News.

Open Data Center Alliance has more than 300 members, including large customers like JP Morgan Chase and Lockheed Martin, and vendors like SAP and Microsoft. Here is the IDG News Service article.

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