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CFO Week in Review

The week's most read stories.
Kerry MarunaJune 26, 2016
CFO Week in Review

In case you missed them, CFO offers the week’s most-read stories.

Welcome to ‘Risk Accounting’

Academics have codified a new accounting technique that could revolutionize enterprise risk management.

The Longest Cash Cycle

Can the asset-backed security market cure wireless carriers’ elongated cash cycle and ballooning working capital requirements?

Drive Business Strategy and Growth

Drive Business Strategy and Growth

Learn how NetSuite Financial Management allows you to quickly and easily model what-if scenarios and generate reports.

Economic Profit: A Better Way to Measure Performance

Performance measures typically used in annual incentive plans fail to align managers with the long-term interest of investors.

Corporate Cash Piling up as Brexit Vote Nears

A  vote would cost U.S. based-companies money in currency swings, a shrinking market for their wares, and possible relocation costs, experts say.

CFOs on the Move: Week Ending June 17

Nasdaq, Eastman Kodak, U.S. Bancorp, UnitedHealth Group, Ralph Lauren, Fox Networks Group, Pegasystems, AccuWeather, Novelis, Iron Mountain

The Optimal CFO? Depends on Industry Growth Rate

Finance chiefs with accounting backgrounds aren’t well suited for high-growth industries, on average, new research shows.

Special Report: 401(k) Trends and Tips for 2016

Fiduciary liability issues dominate the 401(k) landscape this year.

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