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Kerry MarunaApril 13, 2016

Standout Stories

Global risk agility… Technology continues to develop and change at a lightning pace. Socioeconomic forces are shifting. Collective revulsion at income inequality is growing. Concern about human rights, climate change, and the environment are prominent issues in global forums and legislative bodies. Natural resources are being depleted at an astonishing rate. Population growth is accelerating at an unprecedented pace in the developing world. All these issues — and many others — are contributing to a fundamental shift in how we should think about the world, and by extension, risk management.

The transparency and interconnectedness of information, the mobility of goods, services, and people, and the seemingly constant nature of change in the twenty-first century make for a truly breathtaking landscape from which risk managers and decision makers must view the world. In this increasingly complex environment, we have no choice but to be informed, shake off our pre-conceived notions about what constitutes operational “normality,” embrace change, and do so being prepared for battle. Why? Because to succeed in this kind of environment, a battle must be waged on how risk managers and decision makers think and act. Read article

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Drive Business Strategy and Growth

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Oil prices in Saudi Arabia… Fitch Ratings downgraded Saudi Arabia’s creditworthiness on Tuesday, saying a decline in oil prices will continue to have “major negative implications” for the kingdom despite its efforts at economic diversification.

Fitch reduced Saudi Arabia’s long-term foreign and local currency ratings to “AA-,” the fourth-highest investment grade, from “AA” while retaining a negative outlook. The downgrade follows similar moves by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s Investors Service. Read article

Workday, Revlon and Cracker Barrel… Three companies — Workday, Revlon, and Cracker Barrel — on Tuesday all named new chief financial officers.

Robynne Sisco, who joined Workday in 2012 as chief accounting officer, is now CFO ofthe enterprise software company. Sisco will continue to report to co-president Mark Peek, who had been continuing in the finance-chief role in addition to the new position he took on last June. Read article


Alcoa’s Q1 Profit Falls 92% on Weak Aluminum Prices

The metals maker may cut as many as 2,000 positions to improve its cost structure.


Currency Volatility Costs Hit Record $33.9B

“Corporates are seeing more significant sustained negative impacts than at the height of the euro crisis,” FiREapps says.


The Global Risk Agility Imperative

We no longer have the luxury of assuming that an event in another part of the world will not impact our ability to function at home.


PC Shipments Decline 11%

Limited consumer interest, testing of Windows 10, and competition from other hardware platforms are cutting into PC sales.


Oil Price Fall Hits Saudi Arabia’s Credit Rating

Fitch Ratings reduced Saudi Arabia’s long-term foreign and local currency ratings to “AA-,” the fourth-highest investment grade.


Super Tuesday: New CFOs for Workday, Revlon, Craker Barrel

At Workday, new finance chief Robynne Sisco continues a long working relationship with former CFO Mark Peek, now co-president.


Pegasystems Buys Robotic Automation Firm

The seller, OpenSpan, develops software that automates routine tasks for customer service reps.


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