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Kerry MarunaMarch 28, 2016

Standout Stories

Cloud-based ERP… Once burned, twice shy: That’s the experience many companies have had with on-premise ERP. We’ve all heard the horror stories of years-long implementations, budget overruns, and dubious benefits upon go-live. Who can blame a CFO for being reluctant to go through it all over again — even if the ERP that’s currently in place is cumbersome to customize, update, and maintain?

The good news is that given the evolution of technology and emergence of a secure cloud, moving to a new ERP solution doesn’t have to be the high-risk proposition it once was. Perhaps that’s why the market for SaaS ERP software today is growing, according to statistics from Forrester Research — and the market for on-premise ERP software is not. Read article.

Drive Business Strategy and Growth

Drive Business Strategy and Growth

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Lehman to Pay Another $1.6B to Creditors

Distributions from Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy estate have benefited third-party creditors such as hedge funds that bought its debt at a steep discount.


CFOs on the Move: Week Ending March 25

EQT, Open Systems Technologies, Myers Industries, General Cable, Francesca’s Holdings, Chart Industries, FARO Technologies, Sanchez Energy


The Case for Cloud-Based ERP

There is no need to stick with an on-premise ERP that’s exacting a high cost from your organization.


SEC Cracks Down on Vague Proxy Cards

Companies must “clearly and impartially” describe management and shareholder proposals, the SEC says in a rule update.


U.S. Corporate Profits Fall 8.1% in 4th Quarter

The slowdown in GDP growth was less than previously estimated but corporate profits continue to be hit by a strong dollar and cheap oil.


Islamic State Finance Chief Killed in U.S. Attack

“We’ve taken out the leader who oversees the funding for ISIL’s operations, hurting their ability to pay fighters and hire recruits.”


Presidential Election Weighing in on Executives

A survey finds nearly two-thirds of executives say the race for the White House is a consideration in their business planning.


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