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Kerry MarunaMarch 31, 2016

Standout Stories

Kenyan coffee… Coffee was once Kenya’s biggest foreign-exchange earner, but these days the industry looks less perky. The country’s record, 127,000-ton crop was all the way back in the 1987-88 season. Output plunged by 40% the following year, after the global coffee cartel axed its quotas, exposing the industry to competition. It has been falling ever since: last year it was less than 45,000 tons, a mere 0.5% of coffee production worldwide.

That is not for lack of quality. Kenya’s arabica coffee, grown in the highlands around Mount Kenya, is world-renowned, unlike the robusta produced in places like Vietnam and Brazil and used in instant granules. Domestic consumption is tiny, but growing by as much as 20% a year, as coffee-shop chains expand to cater to Kenya’s growing middle class. Read article.

Drive Business Strategy and Growth

Drive Business Strategy and Growth

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CFOs changing jobs… Whether because of a change in control, greener pastures beckoning, or just a desire to do something different, job change may become imminent for a CFO. What are some of the key considerations around making a decision?

While compensation normally is the first focus in considering a new position, there are other important areas you should not overlook. If you are moving on, following are five points to check about the terms of your new employment. These points also are worth checking if you are staying put. Read article.




Paychex Meets Estimates With Profit Growth

Earnings per share rose 9% in the third quarter as the company experienced steady growth in payroll processing and HR services.


Kenyan Coffee: A Bitter Harvest

A cautionary tale about an overregulated industry.


Five Thoughts for Job-Changing CFOs

In fact, think about these five things in the context of your current job, should you decide to stay there.


How to Make Use of All That Data You Have


Overwhelming as it may seem, any company can begin leveraging its data to acquire critical business insight. Here are some tips.


Ex-Fox Pundit Settles Stock Fraud Case for $258K

The SEC says Tobin Smith made false statements about a penny stock company and failed to fully disclose his compensation.


Boeing to Cut up to 10% of Airplane Jobs

The company is slashing costs even as it ramps up aircraft production to compete with Airbus.


Biotech CFO Accused of Misleading Investors

The ex-CFO of Aveo Pharmaceuticals and other top executives allegedly failed to disclose FDA concerns about an experimental cancer drug.


Judge Strips MetLife of ‘Too Big to Fail’ Label

MetLife’s victory in a legal battle with regulators could encourage other institutions to challenge the “systemically important” designation.


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