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#CFOMustRead: Technical Debt, Status Quo Activists, and Megatrends

Five stories from this week that CFOs won't want to miss.
Vincent RyanFebruary 20, 2015

It was difficult to pick one story this week, so we picked five. (See below.)

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This week’s must reads all came from Mark P. Borman, who is a CFO, an audit chair, and a NACD board leadership fellow, among other roles. Here’s his profile on LinkedIn.

One of four favorite nominations of Borman’s was a Deloitte piece on “How to Calculate Technical Debt.”

As the writer explains, “technical debt” refers to the accumulated costs and long-term consequences of using poor coding techniques, making quality/time trade-offs, delaying routine maintenance, and employing other suboptimal IT practices in the enterprise.

Given the procrastination of some firms in upgrading their finance department’s systems, we think it is a timely piece. And it actually dovetails nicely with John Parkinson’s piece this week on CFO, “Finance: Processing Like It’s 1995.”

Here are the four other stories that you may want to take a look at this weekend:




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