Data Analytics


A big and as-yet-untapped opportunity to harness the power of this data may sit with the office of the CFO. Upcoming challenges included the selection and rollout of collaboration tools and processes, new technology, training, and staffing. Here are five articles to feed your data-driven initiatives.

CFOs: Be the Heart of Data Integration 

Recognizing the benefit that access to data can bring, finance chiefs must now address a host of new, related challenges. Read more.

Data Analytics Adopters Brave Obstacles

More companies are using sophisticated data analytics, but they are also encountering cultural, focus, and efficiency problems. Read more.

Master of All Metrics 

How CFOs can take charge of nonfinancial performance measures without alienating the rest of the organization. Read more.

Like Herding Cats: Controlling Data During a Reconstruction

Information governance isn’t top of mind during most restructuring planning, but ignoring it can have devastating financial consequences. Read more.

Finance Must Ramp up Role as Analytics Leader

The finance function is finally starting to delve into advanced analytics and can influence its use outside of finance as well. Read more

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