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Lea Fastow Headed to Detention

The wife of the former Enron CFO will report to a more restrictive site than the minimum-security prison her lawyers had been seeking.
Stephen TaubJune 10, 2004

Lea Fastow, the former Enron employee and wife of former Enron CFO Andrew Fastow, will start serving her one-year sentence on a misdemeanor tax charge on July 12, according to published reports.

She has been ordered to report to the Federal Detention Center in downtown Houston, which is considered to be more restrictive than the minimum security prison camp her attorneys had sought, according to the Houston Chronicle.

One of the lawyers, Mike DeGeurin, had asked that Fastow be sent to a minimum security women’s federal prison camp in Bryan, Texas, 100 miles northwest of Houston, according to Reuters.

The Chronicle pointed out that prisoners that have notoriety like Lea Fastow are more likely to be targets of other inmates in a higher security prison. But U.S. District Judge David Hittner refused to include her pre-sentencing report in her record, which could be what caused her to be assigned to the downtown facility, the newspaper theorized. Pre-sentencing reports are reportedly the main tool the prison bureau uses to determine what security level and facility is proper for a prisoner.

For his part, Hittner said the report was developed for felony charges that were dropped rather than the one misdemeanor case for which she was sentenced, the paper reported.