5 Top CFO Cash Management Strategies

Learn how finance chiefs from different industries manage cash in the wavering economy.

In the midst of conflicting economic signals, most companies need clear focus on cash management in 2023. Low unemployment and a recent uptick in some consumer spending categories are balanced against high inflation. This has reduced the value of cash since late 2021 while increasing interest rates and pushing up borrowing costs.

However, some CFOs remain focused on hitting goals for sales, market share, and EBITDA at the expense of paying sufficient attention to cash preservation.

For this whitepaper, we spoke with five CFOs from different industries to get their views on the economic challenges confronting them and what consequent steps each takes to shore up cash flow.

This whitepaper outlines:

  • Top cash flow challenges in the current economy
  • Steps to consider for cash management
  • KPIs to track cash flow

Download the whitepaper

Download the whitepaper