Got Goals? This Metrics Framework Gets You There

Discover how CFOs use objectives and key results to empower success.

Only 16% of 6,000 knowledge workers say their companies are effective at setting and communicating organizational goals, according to a recent survey by Asana.

Managers regularly cite failure to pull people together toward the right objectives as the single greatest challenge to executing company strategy. CFOs are attempting to solve this issue using a strong objectives and key results (OKRs) framework.

In this whitepaper, explore how leading finance execs are using OKRs and KPIs to foster a culture of ownership, motivation, and success.

Download this metric framework to learn more about:

  • How OKRs work
  • 5 key benefits of OKRs
  • OKR best practices
  • 7 tips for writing OKRs


Download the whitepaper