Corporate Finance

Why The Best CFOs Don’t Ignore Spend Analysis

Spend analytics solutions are often overlooked by CFOs as they seek ways to better align procurement and finance. But why should finance leaders pay attention to spend analytics? Organizations
with better spend analysis strategies typically have more mature procurement processes.

While the short-term ROI on spend analytics is impressive, there are also some long-view benefits that aren’t often on the radar of some CFOs. We all know that data fuels the spend analysis engine, but simply collecting data from various functions across the enterprise is not enough to realize the benefits. These are the types of issues drive home the need for data visibility.

It is not just about understanding what has happened, but leveraging the insights to drive future decisions. This white paper will examine some of the challenges of implementing spend analysis tools, the immediate and more forward-looking benefits, and best practices for achieving ROI.


Download the following whitepaper to learn where to implement spend analysis tools in 2020.