Expense Management

The Vital Importance of Business Rules for Effective Expense Management

Corporate expense policies can be highly complex, and no two organizations have the same policy that determines thresholds for out-of-pocket expenses, such as employee travel purchases meals and
ground transportation.

Even in an era where shorter, simpler policies are becoming more common, there can still be many differences in travel policies for flight and hotel classes, car rental reimbursements, meals and so on. These corporate policies can be further complicated for companies with global operations, or those with clients who have their own policies when it comes to vendor expenses.

Enforcing these policies can be a huge headache for organizations if not handled effectively and
efficiently. For example, for approvals be routed correctly is dependent on factors such as spend amount, department, and client billing or GL ledger code.

This paper outlines some of the largest challenges that organizations face with when enforcing travel and expense policies, and how they can be resolved by deploying an expense automation solution with a robust rules engine.

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