Corporate Finance

Adapting To The Full Potential of Exponential Change

New technologies offer unlimited possibilities. But implementing new technologies without an
understanding of what you are looking to accomplish, isn’t the answer.
One of the first steps must be to stop and consider what these new technologies can allow us to do
that we couldn’t before.

What’s becoming painfully obvious is that all of the great new digital tools on the planet — artificial
intelligence and machine learning in particular — won’t accomplish much if all they have to work with
is disparate databases and unstructured data. The key questions we need to be asking ourselves, Ross
said, are about digitization more than digital: What’s the essence of our business? And how do we
protect our most important data?

The first step, she said, is to clean up your most important data and the processes and systems that
use it.Only then can we bring a digital mindset — and the business models that support it — to life.

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