The Future Function of the CFO

How to Think Like a Digital CFO

As we navigate the changes brought about by the digital revolution, we see the role of the enterprise CFO changing. In fact, the digital world requires us to think very differently about what a CFO does.

Traditionally, CFOs have focused much of their attention on financial reporting, which means, in a sense, that they have been looking in the rearview mirror.

For today’s CFO, of course, financial reporting is still critical. But technology makes it possible for the finance organization to get near real-time information about the company’s performance, and even to gather data on leading indicators for future predictions.

In this ebook, AWS Enterprise Strategist Mark Schwartz compares the “old” and the “new” ways of defining what a CFO does in order to identify the traits of today’s digital CFO.

Download the following eBook to learn how to think like a digital CFO.

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