Required Summer Reading: Did You Know…?

Yikes! Labor Day already and you haven't done your summer reading? Never fear. Here's our short list of the most popular stories on since M... StaffAugust 31, 2007

Spent your vacation reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? Not to worry. Here at, we kept a close eye on what your colleagues and peers read all summer long. So make sure you know what they know. We’ve narrowed down the list of the most popular stories this summer, and put them in categories for easy scanning.

The categories include The Best of CFO Magazine,Accounting,Offbeat Finance,Crime and Punishment,Spreadsheet Stories, and Sarbox, Financial Reporting, and How to Fix Both.

And if, as we reported recently, most CFOs bring their laptops with them on vacation, then you should be able to catch up over the long weekend. Enjoy!

CFO Insights on Inflation, Workforce Challenges, and Future Plans 

CFO Insights on Inflation, Workforce Challenges, and Future Plans 

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The Best of CFO Magazine

Five Years and Accounting
Gap Analysis
The SEC Rules
A Wild Ride
Hedge-Fund Bullies


Too Much GAAP Running Around
PwC: CFOs Predict a Fair-value Headache
SEC, PCAOB Pushed to Define Materiality
New Lease Accounting May Roil Retailers
Hedge Accounting: A Matchless Future?
What if IFRS Replaced GAAP?

Offbeat Finance

Finance in History: Bankruptcy
Finance in History: Blood and Treasurers
When Virtual Crises Turn Real
Porn Star Cited in Ronco CFO Dispute

Crime and Punishment

Count ‘Em: 63 CFOs Convicted in Past Five Years
A Whodunnit in the Hamptons

Spreadsheet Stories

Now Playing on YouTube: Microsoft Excel
Tickling the Keyboard: 10 Spreadsheet Tips
Beyond Excel
Spreadsheets Are Free

Sarbox, Financial Reporting, and How to Fix Both

Painful Memories: SEC Grilled on 404 Costs
Whistle-blowers Never Win
The Insider’s Guide to the Future of Financial Reporting

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