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Five Business People in a Meeting

Finding qualified people — especially younger professionals — to staff the finance team continues to be a challenge. Here are five articles that explore new approaches to attracting, hiring and managing top finance talent.

Hire Expectations

The shortage of young finance talent is widely discussed among CFOs, but rarely closely examined. The shrinking unemployment rate has drained the talent pool in many corporate functions and industries, and companies continually complain that they can’t find qualified staff. Read more.

How to Retain Young Finance Pros

Most young finance professionals have their eye on a career promotion or a jump to a new job within the next two years. Read more.

Recruiting for Next-Generation Finance Skills

New products or investment opportunities can blow a hole in well-planned budgets. Here’s how companies adapt. Read more.

Innovative Office Spaces Attract Millennials

Huddle rooms, smart boards, showers, proximity to mass transit — urban-dwelling millennials have a new set of requirements for the workspace. Read more.

‘Remote Team’ Doesn’t Mean Remote Leadership

Millennials are attracted to the flexibility of being able to work remotely. It can improve workplace morale and productivity while cutting costs. The challenge is being able to optimally manage remote teams. Read more.


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