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Best of 2010: Careers

It was a year of near 10% unemployment and slow CFO turnover. But finance chiefs' expertise was in high demand.
CFO StaffJanuary 3, 2011

Best of 2010

Buddy, can you spare a job? That was the prevailing theme of CFO’s careers coverage in 2010, as millions of unemployed Americans sought work, while many companies downsized or froze their payrolls. Indeed, in one of our most widely read stories of this or any other year (“The Incredible Shrinking Finance Department”), we reported that some already-lean finance departments plan to stay that way or slim down further, even when business and the economy finally pick up.

Finance chiefs themselves weren’t immune from the layoffs and freezes. Available positions were few and far between, and a glittering résumé could be a handicap in winning a job. One unemployed CFO, Gary Starr, wrote about his own quest for work and offered advice and support to fellow job-seekers in a four-part series for CFO, “Notes from a Job Search.”

Employed CFOs, however, found their expertise in high demand by their companies. And not just their finance-specific skills, mind you, but their strategic acumen as well. Increasingly, CFOs are expected not simply to collect and report on financial data, but also to advise how to capitalize on the data, as we reported in “Strategic Inquisitions.”

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