Hot Jobs in ’08

Midlevel accounting and auditing jobs will abound this year.
CFO StaffFebruary 1, 2008

According to Robert Half International, these finance specialties will be in particular demand this year.


Average salaries are expected to climb 6.7%, to $81,500–$109,500 (at companies with more than $250 million in revenue). Candidates who possess the certified internal-auditor designation will be especially sought.


Those with three to seven years of experience, which should include contributing to the production of client portfolio statements and net asset value calculations, will see starting salaries rise 6.5%, ranging from $46,250 to $64,500.


This is the rare case where pay will increase more at midsize firms than at others. Those with three or more years of experience and public-accounting expertise can expect a 5.4% rise, to an average of $49,250 to $63,000. At large companies the range is expected to be $53,500 to $71,250, a 4.8% rise.


Entry-level salaries are expected to jump 6.9%, to $38,250–$47,500, while those who have management or senior-level experience at larger companies will get a 5.8% boost, to $74,750–$99,000.


This is the position to be in if your goal is to enjoy the largest raise. Salaries are expected to increase an average of 7.7% at both small and midsize firms, with those in the latter group earning $88,250 to $129,250 and those in the former earning $44,750 to $53,250. At large firms, salaries will climb 7.4%, to $98,750–$151,500.