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Follow-up calls can do more than get you an interview. StaffMay 29, 2001

The chief reason for making a follow-up call is to get an interview, according to The Wall Street Journal. However, job seekers can use a follow-up call to learn more about the position they are applying for, as well as to develop a “positive rapport” with the person on the other end of the line.

The first thing job seekers should do on a follow-up call is “reintroduce yourself, indicating that you recently sent your resume to apply for a certain position,” says the Journal.

The next step is to mention that you have a few questions about the position and inquire about the status of the interviewing process. “Express your desire to speak with someone in person to offer more detail about your potential contributions,” says the Journal.

Finally, “be prepared with two or three statements about yourself that highlight your fit for the position,” the Journal recommends.

Making a good follow-up call is one way of getting noticed among a large number of applicants. “While this may feel awkward, the competitive nature of the job search requires that you step out of your comfort zone just a bit with a bolder, more in-your face approach,” says the Journal.