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Where Are They Now?

This week, Enron's Andy Fastow was sentenced and WorldCom's Bernie Ebbers reported to jail. Here's our up-to-date tally of what happened to executi...
Joseph McCaffertySeptember 29, 2006
Where Are They Now?
The outcome of five major financial-fraud trials
Company Status Prison Sentence
Bernard Ebbers, former CEO Guilty verdict 25 years
Scott Sullivan, former CFO Pleaded guilty 5 years
David Myers, former controller Pleaded guilty 1 year, 1 day
Buford Yates, former accounting director Pleaded guilty 1 year, 1 day
Kenneth Lay, former chairman Guilty verdict Deceased
Jeffrey Skilling, former CEO Guilty verdict Due to be sentenced 10/23
Andrew Fastow, former CFO Pleaded guilty 6 years
Lea Fastow, former treasurer Pleaded guilty 1 year
Michael Kopper, former managing director Pleaded guilty Due to be sentenced 11/03
John J. Rigas, founder Guilty verdict 15 years
Timothy Rigas, former CFO Guilty verdict 20 years
Michael Rigas, former executive VP Not guilty*
James R. Brown, former vice president Pleaded guilty Awaiting sentencing
Michael C. Mulcahey, former assistant treasurer Acquitted
Dennis Kozlowski, former CEO Guilty verdict 8 to 25 years
Mark Swartz, former CFO Guilty verdict 8 to 25 years
Mark Belnick, former general counsel Acquitted
Richard Scrushy, former CEO Acquitted
Malcolm McVay, former CFO Pleaded guilty 7 days**
Weston Smith, former CFO Pleaded guilty 2 years, 2 days
William T. Owens, former CFO Pleaded guilty 5 years
Michael Martin, former CFO Pleaded guilty 3 years
Aaron Beam Jr., former CFO Pleaded guilty 3 months
Emery Harris, former assistant controller Pleaded guilty 5 months
*Found not guilty of conspiracy and wire fraud. Will be retried on 15 other charges.
**Sentence has been appealed by the federal government and is under review.

Source: CFO research, various reports