IT-specific concerns such as malware, firewalls, and virus scans are still part of the overall cyber security strategy. However, mitigating cyber risks requires CFOs to shore up their technical and physical defenses. Here are five articles covering trends in managing security across the organization.

Preventing Cybersecurity Losses 

Mitigating cyber risks requires CFOs to look far beyond technical considerations. Read more.

The Corporatization of Cyber Crime

Cyber crime groups are increasingly operating like traditional businesses. Will this new professionalism lead to more attacks on companies? Read more.

Verizon’s Wake-up Call: Cyber Diligence in M&A

Cyber is a relatively new dimension of M&A risk that organizations are only now beginning to grasp. Read more.

Lessons Learned from the Dyn Attack

The revenue recognition rule doesn’t mean that companies should wait to start their implementation efforts. Read more.

Should U.S. CFOs Worry About EU Cyber Risk Rules? 

Compliance will motivate firms to update their current processes and methodology to assess cyber risks and the related potential business effects. Read more.


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