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The Quiz: Hire Learning

How much do you know about the latest job search and hiring trends? Take our quiz.
CFO StaffMay 3, 2018
The Quiz: Hire Learning

In the wake of the U.S. corporate tax cuts, about one-third of companies plan to increase domestic hiring. But with workers getting scarce, the fight for talent will dominate 2018. Companies will be pushed to use the latest tools to screen, test, and evaluate talent. How much do you know about job search and hiring trends?

1. In 2018, what percentage of Americans will be looking for a new job, according to Glassdoor?
A. 52%
B. 14%
C. 26%
D. 38%

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2. A large majority of workers leave their job for which reason, according to numerous global studies?
A. Insufficient compensation
B. Poor overall company performance
C. Distrust/dislike of management
D. Lack of appreciation for their work

3. At what time and on which day of the week do job searches on the Internet and on job sites peak?
A. Friday, after 3 p.m.
B. Monday, before 11 a.m.
C. Thursday, after 5 p.m.
D. Wednesday, after 12 p.m.

4. Which employee benefit do job candidates want most from a hiring company?
A. Profit sharing
B. Retirement plan
C. Health insurance
D. Flex time

5. Which interviewing innovation do talent professionals think will prove most useful to companies that are trying to get better at hiring?
A. Soft skills assessments
B. Job auditions
C. Meeting in casual settings
D. Video interviews

6. The use of data is one of the top trends impacting how organizations hire. Which is NOT one of the top uses for data in talent acquisition?
A. Predicting candidate success
B. Assessing soft skills
C. Evaluating skills gaps
D. Predicting talent supply and demand

7. Where will artificial intelligence prove most useful in the hiring process, according to talent professionals and hiring managers?
A. Sourcing candidates
B. Screening candidates
C. Scheduling candidates
D. Responding to candidates’ questions

Sources: LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Careerbuilder, Gallup

Answers: 1–D; 2–D; 3–B; 4–C; 5–A; 6–B; 7–A

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