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Two new tools from application management providers

Last week, two California companies that provide cloud application management solutions announced new tools for measuring cloud performance.
Keith ButtonJuly 9, 2013

CliQr Technologies of Sunnyvale, Calif., is offering a free cloud benchmarking tool. The tool shows businesses the differences in the price and performance of the top commercial cloud providers and architectures.

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According to CliQr, specific cloud offerings vary considerably by cloud instance (packet of computing resources), size, what architectures are supported or required, available, memory, storage, network and other characteristics. “It isn’t uncommon to observe a two- to five-fold performance difference for both job-based (e.g., Hadoop, batch, cluster, etc.), and 24×7 n-tier applications (e.g., web applications),” the company stated in a press release promoting the free tool. AppEnsure of Santa Clara, Calif., claims that its new application performance monitoring and management tool is the first to automatically measure response time and throughput for all applications. That includes apps that are custom-developed or purchased, and in all locations, whether they are on-site, virtualized, or via public or private cloud. Here’s the CliQr release, and here’s the AppEnsure release.