CFO’s Daily Roundup: June 3, 2015

A collection of's articles and stories published on June 3, 2015
Kerry MarunaJune 3, 2015

Get informed with CFO’s articles and stories from June 3, 2015…


OECD Cuts Growth Forecast On Q1 Slump

Report urges “mutually reinforcing” policies to avoid risks and move global economy to more stable growth. >> Katie Kuehner-Herbert


Are Wellness Programs Cost Effective?

You know there’s a hot debate around an issue when people on both sides of the matter insist that there’s really no debate at all. >> David McCann


Risk Managers Seek Simpler Data-Breach Notification

The Risk and Insurance Management Society is pushing a bill that would streamline the current cyber-notification system under a single federal regulator. >> David M. Katz


Claims of Wellness Cost Savings Are Overblown: RAND

In fact, the programs lose 50 cents on the dollar, says Soeren Mattke, senior scientist at the nonpartisan research organization. >> Soeren Mattke


Wellness Programs Work if Properly Designed

Those that are unsuccessful may fail to determine the program’s benchmarks, goals, and vision. >> Michael Booth


Obamacare’s Worst Idea: Support for Wellness Programs

Steer clear if you’re looking for an ROI, says Al Lewis, president of the Disease Management Purchasing Consortium. >> Al Lewis


Belief in Wellness Savings May Require Leap of Faith, but They’re Real

Even ignoring predictive analytics results, common sense says wellness savings are real, writes Mike Tinney, CEO of FIX. >> Mike Tinney


Robust M&A Activity Seen Continuing

Acquisitions and combinations will continue to be attractive to companies as low interest rates make financing inexpensive. >> Katie Kuehner-Herbert


IMF Economists Say ‘Just Live With’ Debt

While some countries face ‘debt sustainability constraints’ that leave them no choice but to pay down debt, others can fund themselves at very low rates. >> Matthew Heller


Most Firms Boosting Community Investment

Survey finds 56% of companies increased giving from 2012 to 2014, with a median investment of $18.5 million last year. >> Katie Kuehner-Herbert


Did KPMG Auditors Drop the Ball on FIFA?

Corruption scandal has some wondering whether KPMG’s oversight of worldwide soccer’s governing body was effective. >> Matthew Heller