CFO’s Daily Roundup: June 17, 2015

A collection of's articles and stories published on June 17, 2015
Kerry MarunaJune 17, 2015

Get informed with CFO’s articles and stories from June 17, 2015…


Know Your SEC

How much knowledge do you have about the 80-year-old federal securities watchdog?

>> CFO Staff


A Growing Priority

Finance executives around the world plan to spend more on growth strategies this year.

>> David W. Owens and Chris Schmidt, Contributors


CBO Sees U.S. Debt Reaching 107% of GDP in 2040

Budget deficits would not substantially increase at first, but eventually they would begin to rise, says the Congressional Budget Office. >> Matthew Heller


FedEx Posts Lower-Than-Expected Results

One-time charges contribute to an $895 million net loss. >> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


Walmart Has $76B of Assets in Tax Havens: Report

‘Walmart’s entrance into the world of tax havens is especially notable because the retail industry has not been known for this kind of activity.’ >> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


Sales Tax Bill Seeks to Ease Online Retailer Burdens

The new sales tax bill would trim 10,000 taxing authorities down to 46.

>> David M. Katz


Too Much Finance Hampers Economic Growth: OECD

Over the past 50 years, credit by banks and other institutions to households and businesses has grown three times as fast as economic activity. >> Katie Kuehner-Hebert


Online Exchange Fined for Illegal Swap Sales

Two entrepreneurs ran an unregistered securities exchange that sold derivatives linked to the liquidity events and value of private companies. >> Matthew Heller


Survey Sees IT Budgets Shifting to Cloud

IT capital spending is projected to remain flat in 2015, but IT operational budgets will increase. >> Matthew Heller


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