Amex, Amazon Rolling Out Small-Biz Credit Card

Amazon Prime members can choose between a 90-day interest-free period and 5% cash back.
William SprouseOctober 23, 2018

American Express and Amazon announced they are partnering to offer a small-business credit card.

The Amazon Business American Express Card offers cardholders options for rewards on purchases made on, Amazon Business, Amazon Web Services and at Whole Foods. Customers can get cash back or can qualify for limited interest-free payment terms. Interest rates on the card vary between prime plus 10.99% and prime plus 18.99%.

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The companies say the card is designed to address cash flow-related issues for small businesses.

“When you talk to small businesses, one of the biggest complaints is slow payers,” said Nick Clements, co-founder of personal-finance website Magnify Money. “Just getting paid is one of the biggest challenges small businesses face, especially small proprietors.”

Amazon Prime members can choose between a 90-day interest-free period and 5% back. Non-Prime members get less attractive rewards.

“In terms of cash back this card is very competitive,” Kimberly Palmer, credit cards expert at personal-finance website NerdWallet, told Marketwatch. “But small businesses are very diverse and there’s not a one size fits all for them.”

American Express launched a card with a similar structured reward plan in 2007. The Plum Card offered businesses a choice between cash back and a 0% interest period.

Prime members get a $125 Amazon gift card when they sign up. Non-Prime members get a $100 gift card.

“We’ve found through our research that small businesses really want that flexibility in their business buying,” said Courtney Kelso, head of U.S. commercial card solutions at American Express.

Meanwhile, Amazon is also reportedly building another cashierless Amazon Go convenience store in New York, near the World Trade Center.