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Best of 2008: CFOs React

As the financial crisis unfolded in the fall of 2008, launched an ongoing series of exclusive interviews with CFOs to find out how they wer... StaffDecember 24, 2008

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CFOs React: AEP’s Holly Koeppel

The utility’s need for ready cash trumps the cost of drawing down on its credit lines.

CFOs React: TravelMuse’s Russ Lemelin

It’s a dicey time to be a start-up dependent on venture funding. On the other hand, owning a tiny sliver of your market’s pie has its advantages.

CFOs React: HSBC’s Iain Mackay

Early recognition of subprime exposures has helped the bank manage the fortunes of its struggling consumer finance company.

CFOs React: Hughes Communications’s Grant Barber

While the satellite internet company is sitting on a ton of cash, its CFO worries about how well its customers are weathering the downturn.

CFOs React: AIG’s Rob Schimek

The business insurance group’s finance chief foresaw the need to add liquidity just as Bear Stearns was starting to tank.

CFOs React: Northern Trust’s Steven Fradkin

The finance chief of the Chicago-based bank worries about his clients and his balance sheet more than “market gyrations.”

CFOs React: Southern Company’s Paul Bowers

One day after the bailout bill failed in Congress and the market took its largest point plunge ever, the finance chief of the South’s largest utility holding company is watching his bank relationships like a hawk.

CFOs React: Michael C. Fina’s Mark Ellis

Some early planning for the credit crisis is allowing the CFO of this specialty gift retailer to manage a short-term drop in revenue.

CFOs React: Genesis Lease’s Alan Jenkins

The smaller, well-financed Ireland-based aircraft lessor seems insulated from many crisis-related problems, but worries could grow if a global aviation malaise develops.

CFOs React: First Capital’s Mark Hogard

A factor in the financial crisis.

CFOs React: Sally Beauty’s Mark Flaherty

The down market actually draws new customers to this retailer, but the CFO still is cautious when the future availability of credit is in question.

CFOs React: PG&E’s Chris Johns

The finance chief of California’s largest utility company spoke with Thursday about how it is coping with the turmoil in the capital markets.

CFOs React: CVS/Caremark’s David Rickard

How to make a silk purse out of a Lehman’s ear.