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Quiz: Name that Ticker

GAS. SAM. LUV. FUN. Can you match up companies and their descriptive ticker symbols?
Joseph McCaffertyOctober 2, 2006

In August, Harley-Davidson changed its ticker symbol from HDI to HOG, the nickname for its motorcycles. “The new ticker symbol captures the spirit of what Harley-Davidson is all about—the fun of riding motorcycles,” said CFO Tom Bergmann in a statement on the change.

But will it lure more investors?

Not likely, says Bob Leahy of the Financial Relations Board, an investor-relations firm. “It may appeal to the retail community, but it will absolutely have no impact on valuation,” he says. And using a symbol that is not an abbreviation of the company name can make it hard to find on an alphabetical list, he adds.

Nevertheless, a spokesperson for the New York Stock Exchange says more companies are choosing tickers that reflect their products or brand image. “They’re easier to remember and can reinforce what a company stands for,” he says.

See if you can match these ticker symbols with the companies they represent.

1) BID A) Brinker International
2) DNA B) Nicor
3) EAT C) Gibraltar Industries
4) FUN D) Sotheby’s Holdings
5) GAS E) The Boston Beer Company
6) LUV F) MarineMax
7) MTN G) Southwest Airlines
8) RIG H) Genentech
9) ROCK I) Vail Resorts
10) SAM J) Steinway Musical Instruments
11) HZO K) Cedar Fair
12) LVB L) Transocean

For the answer key click here.

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