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Kerry MarunaMarch 29, 2016

Standout Stories

Reducing joint venture risk… International joint ventures remain one of the principal means for multinational companies to enter a foreign market. According to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers survey of 1,409 global CEOs in 83 countries, 49% plan to enter into a new joint venture or strategic alliance in 2016.

Some of the advantages of entering a joint venture with an established local partner include gaining local knowledge, political connections, risk sharing, immediate access to a built-out infrastructure, market share, and brand recognition. Pooling the positive attributes of each party is expected to generate monetary gains for both parties for a long time. Read article.

Drive Business Strategy and Growth

Drive Business Strategy and Growth

Learn how NetSuite Financial Management allows you to quickly and easily model what-if scenarios and generate reports.

The Internet of things… If you had an unlimited budget and little need for sleep, you could attend most (but not all) of the dozens of Internet of Things (IoT) events scheduled around the world in 2016. You’d not get much actual work done, but you’d hear a lot about what’s possible when everything gets “smart and connected” and the new business opportunities that IoT will enable.

Indeed, while IoT is presently a very immature set of technologies, much more is coming, no doubt about it. But before we get too enamored with this latest shiny object, let’s ask a few fundamental questions. Read article.



Basel Moves to Limit Banks’ Use of Risk Models

Regulators want to standardize risk assessment, rather than continue with the current hodgepodge of individual models.


How to Reduce International Joint Venture Risk

Joint ventures with local partners overseas often don’t work out as planned. Here’s what you need to know to help such arrangements succeed.


When Will We Be Able to Trust the IoT?

Regardless of all the buzz around the Internet of Things, the promised connectivity won’t mean much until it works all the time.


Bidding Was For Starwood Heats Up

China’s Anbang consortium raises its offer for the hotel chain to $14 billion.


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