Putting the “Light” in “Enlightenment”

Can a tongue-in-cheek quiz reveal your true professional nature?
CFO StaffFebruary 1, 2011

It is the oldest and most fundamental of questions: Who am I? Philosophers have spent thousands of years debating it, and therapists thousands of hours charging for it. Now finance professionals can satisfy their longing for self-knowledge through a simple online quiz.

True, the quiz is tongue-in-cheek and was created to garner attention for accounting and financial consulting firm RoseRyan. Normally we’d ignore it altogether, but, inadvertently or not, the firm may have cracked the code regarding the three basic types of finance professionals. We don’t want to give the entire game away, but the sampling below will help you decide whether this path will reveal your true nature.

It’s pizza day at the office. You:
A) Hand out slices to everyone based on what they ate last time (per your spreadsheet).
B) Hide some so you can surprise everyone with the “surplus” later.
C) Can’t really enjoy yourself, because you’re obsessed with the waste of having a round pizza in a square box.

On a whim you go to a fortune-teller to have your palm read. Halfway through, you:
A) Ask her to skip all the stuff about lifelines; you want to know about the bottom line.
B) Tell her your forecasting skills are better.
C) Wonder if the session could be considered a consultation at a life-science firm, allowing you to write off the expense.

Your CEO asks if the IPO can be done in a month. You:
A) Don’t say anything, because you’re laughing too hard.
B) Say, “Of course, I’ll get the IPO fairies right on it.”
C) Say, “I used to do tequila shots at lunch, too.”

For those interested in the entire 12-question quiz, which will reveal which one of three basic profiles you most closely match, see