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WorldCom Ex-CEO: No One Else to Call On

Bernard Ebbers's 25-year sentence will stand after Supreme Court denies his appeal.
Stephen TaubMarch 5, 2007

Without comment or recorded dissent, the Supreme Court on Monday turned down the appeal of Bernard Ebbers, convicted in 2005 for his role in the WorldCom accounting scandal.

Ebbers, 65, had sought a review of his conviction on fraud and conspiracy charges. Last September, he reported to a federal prison to begin serving a 25-year sentence.

According to the Associated Press, attorneys for Ebbers argued in court papers that the trial judge improperly allowed prosecutors to use testimony from witnesses who were given immunity, although the government denied immunity to potential defense witnesses. Reportedly, defense attorneys also challenged the judge’s instructions to the jury that they could find Ebbers guilty if they believed he suspected a crime but intentionally looked the other way.

Ebbers’ conviction was upheld last year by a federal appeals court, which acknowledged that his sentence was longer than those usually imposed by many states for violent crimes, the AP also noted.

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