How School of Rock Used Tech to Create a Franchise Boom

CFO John Cappadona shares how he uses NetSuite to keep the company rocking.

School of Rock’s CFO John Cappadona knows that in order to create a masterpiece, you need to have the right instruments. When COVID threatened to cripple School of Rock’s business, Cappadona knew that they needed the right tech solution for fast forecasting as they pivoted to a virtual education model. The solution? NetSuite.

In this case study, learn how Cappadona leveraged NetSuite to help School of Rock grow its locations by 50% in the last three years, dramatically reduce the time it takes to close the books, and streamline its franchise accounting process.

Read now to learn more about:

  • School of Rock’s past and projected growth
  • How NetSuite transformed School of Rock’s operations
  • Cappadona’s plan for School of Rock’s future

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Download the case study

Download the case study